NuCivic Apps


NuCivic Apps is a hackathon and app store management platform designed to help organizations better collaborate in developing, sharing and maintaining apps that solve civic problems.



App store

  • Apps: catalog applications and their metadata, including pictures and descriptions
  • Organizations: catalog organizations that use and contribute to apps
  • Data Sets: store and publish open data for hackers to use in building their apps
  • Software Deployments: catalog deployments of specific apps by specific organizations in specific locations


  • Events: publish and manage hackathon events on multiple dates and locations
  • Problems: collect, define, rate, and refine problems you want solved by your hackathon
  • Datasets: store and publish open data for hackers to use in building their apps
  • Teams: define and manage teams of developers

We can help

Hosting and support

NuCivic offers 24/7, secure, cloud-based OpenCivic hosting and support services.

Custom design & development

We can customize your theme, help facilitate self-hosting and train your team to support OpenCivic themselves.


We offer expert consulting advice and training to help your team customize, set up and support OpenCivic successfully.

APPS & OpenCivic news

Code for America Commons

By / February 1, 2013

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