Open source software available as software-as-a-service.

Join digital gov leaders at Acquia Engage Digital Conference

I’m honored to be moderating two exciting digital government panel sessions happening at the Acquia Engage Digital Conference on November 4 in Boston.

NuCivic joins CKAN Association as charter member

We are thrilled to announce today that NuCivic is joining the newly-established CKAN Association as a charter member.

DKAN wins AWS grand prize Partners in Innovation Award

We’re honored to announce Amazon Web Services has named DKAN a grand prize winner in its City On a Cloud Innovation Challenge.

Introducing NuCivic

Today, the Nuams team is officially announcing the launch of NuCivic, a new business venture intent on driving information innovation in public sector institutions worldwide by delivering OpenSaaS civic software solutions.

DKAN Q&A: Cologne, Germany

Cologne’s Patrick Lorenz shares the city’s open data and DKAN deployment experience.

DKAN now available on Microsoft Azure

Thanks to support from Microsoft, governments using Azure are now just a few clicks away from deploying their own DKAN server and joining the open data movement.

Maintaining your installed DKAN distro

Acquia Technical Consultant Matthew Grasmick has a great blog post on “Maintaining your installed Drupal distro” and uses DKAN as his example.

Europe Commons launches with OpenCivic

Europe Commons, located at, launched a catalog of “civic software and services across Europe aimed at helping governments work better” using OpenCivic’s app store management tools.

Code for Resilience launches with OpenCivic, DKAN

Code for Resilience has launched its new website,, using OpenCivic to manage global hackathon events related to disaster risk management.

OpenSaaS and the future of government IT innovation

In recent years, open source software projects, and, separately, software-as-a-service (SaaS) products have begun to significantly disrupt traditional technology vendor business models in government, making it easier and cheaper for governments to procure and implement the software solutions they need.

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OpenSaaS and IT innovation

Open source software and cloud-based software-as-a-service products have significantly disrupted traditional technology vendor business models, making it easier and cheaper for governments to procure and implement the software solutions they need. OpenSaaS—SaaS based on open source code—will accelerate this trend.

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