OpenCivic is an open source resource cataloguing, hackathon and app store management platform designed to help organizations better collaborate in developing, sharing and maintaining information and apps that solve civic problems.



App store

  • Apps: catalog applications and their metadata, including pictures and descriptions
  • Organizations: catalog organizations that use and contribute to apps
  • Data Sets: store and publish open data for hackers to use in building their apps
  • Software Deployments: catalog deployments of specific apps by specific organizations in specific locations


  • Events: publish and manage hackathon events on multiple dates and locations
  • Problems: collect, define, rate, and refine problems you want solved by your hackathon
  • Datasets: store and publish open data for hackers to use in building their apps
  • Teams: define and manage teams of developers


OpenCivic is an open source project publicly available for download on GitHub and

Hosting and support

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NuCivic offers 24/7, secure, cloud-based OpenCivic hosting and support services.

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Code for America Commons

By / February 1, 2013

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OpenSaaS and IT innovation

Open source software and cloud-based software-as-a-service products have significantly disrupted traditional technology vendor business models, making it easier and cheaper for governments to procure and implement the software solutions they need. OpenSaaS—SaaS based on open source code—will accelerate this trend.

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